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Steenweg naar Halle 220 1640 Sint Genesius Rode
Tél.: 02/380.72.95 Fax: 02/380.89.08 Mail: info@vdhphoto.be
The beginning VDH Photo-Import was founded in Belgium in 1991 by Katrien Vanderhaegen as a daughter company of Vanderhaegen Bvba (founded in 1971). At that time Katrien was still studying at Solvay's Business school (University of Brussels (U.L.B.)). Katrien graduated in 1993 and decided to continue importing photographic equipment. Her Department rapidly expanded and Katrien worked hard to give her company an image of reliability. The clientfriendly atmosphere of VDH Photo-Import helped her to enforce an already excellent relationship with her customers. The product lines she distributes are constantly growing and so does her business. She is today the exclusive distributor for High-end products from the US, Europe and Asia. Ready for New Century September 1998. A new, independant, company is founded by Katrien enabling her to merge her department with the company called "Belgian Minilab Supplies. The new company is called VDH Photo-Supplies. On top of the already succesfull lines this company now distributes products such as Tokina lenses, NOVA darkroom equipment etc... VDH Photo Supplies is now one of the major Photo distributors in Belgium Some dates 1991 : LUMIQUEST The first product of the company. 1992 : DOMKE photo bags and KINETRONICS Dark Room Film Antistatic machines. 1993 : QUANTUM Flash Batteries and SAUNDERS Easels. 1994 : PHOTOFLEX Light accessories. 1996 : OMNI-BOUNCE (Sto-Fen) Flash accessories - OMAGA Mini Lab Supplies - PHOTOCARD TECHNO-TAPE Mini Lab Supplies. 1998 : Move to new offices Founding of VDH Photo Supplies TOKINA, KENKO, NOVA DUNCO, LPL  1999 : TAMRAC, SPECTRA-JET, SPOTPEN 2001 : TETENAL Color & B/W Products 2004 :JOBO Darkroom & Digital Products 2006 : OPTECH Straps & Pouches 2007 : NISSIN - KENKO 2008 : GARY FONG- BILORA 2009 : WALTHER Albums & Frames 2010 : CULLMANN - LIGHTCRAFT Workshop 2011 : JUPIO - PIXEL 2012 : APUTURE - MY CLOCK VDH Photo Supplies will continuously consolidate it's position on the Belgian market as a dependable  dialogue partner for the Pro and the Amateur alike. Many professionals seek daily advice and/or solutions for their day-to-day photo problems. An experienced staff and Walter Vanderhaegen, one of the country's leading photographer are able to provides them the answers to most of their questions. This strengthens even more the company's position which is now that of a partner to the photographers, and not  just a plain sales oriented business Katrien Vanderhaegen's management capabilities is ensuring the company's continuous annual growth.VDH Photo Supplies has representatives for each linguistic region an is proud to have a growing number of Dealers which are covering the totality of the territory.
QUOTE OF ONE OF OUR US SUPPLIERS : " Small country, great company, tremendous dedication! "